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The Unique Value of Mediation in Discovery

The [collaborative] approach should be started early in the case. It is difficult or impossible to unwind procedures that have already been implemented.

                                                                                                           -  Judge Jan Nolan1


Cooperative discovery is required by the rules of civil procedure.

                                          -  The Sedona Conference® Cooperation Proclamation 1 (2008).2

What We Offer

Our Principals

With more than 50 years of collective experience in litigation, discovery, arbitration, mediation, and dispute systems design as well as practical business experience, Marian K. Riedy, Esq. and Nancy Wiegers Greenwald, Esq., provide efficient and effective methods to avoid and resolve discovery disputes.  

MARIAN K. RIEDY, Esq. ( has more than 25 years of litigation experience, including international trade, complex commercial litigation and personal injury litigation. Since 1999 she has trained managers and lawyers in mediation techniques. Ms. Riedy is the co-author of "Mediating with Electronically Stored Information" (Artech House, 2007) and numerous journal articles on e-discovery, including the Federal Courts Law Review. Ms. Riedy is the co-founder of a software development company, drafted and defended patent applications for a mobile social networking platform, and negotiated financing agreements with investors.  Ms. Riedy holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School (1981), an MBA from Georgetown University, The McDonough School of Business (MBA, With Honors, 2000) and a B.A from the University of Kansas (B.A., History and Biology, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 1977). In addition to her work with Discovery Dispute Solutions, Ms. Riedy is currently an Assistant Professor (tenure-track), School of Business, Emporia State University.

NANCY WIEGERS GREENWALD, Esq. ( has more than 25 years of experience in litigation, alternative dispute resolution and as the general counsel and CFO of a design-build construction company, which she helped found. She serves as an arbitrator and mediator in commercial and construction disputes and in recent years has expanded her practice to mediating discovery disputes. She has served on the American Arbitration Association's Construction Industry Panel of Arbitrators since 2010 and holds a mediation certification from the Virginia Supreme Court. Ms. Greenwald holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School (1981), and an Sc.B from Brown University (Aquatic Biology, magna cum laude, 1978). Ms. Greenwald has numerous publications in dispute systems design, arbitration and complex construction contracts.

1. Kleen Products, LLC, et al. v. Packaging Corp. of Amer., et al.Case: 1:10-cv-05711 Document #: 412 (ND, Ill., Sept. 28, 2012) at page 38.


2. The Sedona Conference®, The Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation 1 (2008) (cooperation in discovery is required by the rules of civil procedure, consistent with zealously representing a client, and in today's digital world a hallmark of effective advocacy), available at

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